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Monday, January 21, 2013

Sat Eve Post cat cartoon - Roy Delgado

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This one was purchased by The Saturday Evening Post a coupla months ago, but I failed to color this one after it was approved, I was just notified today that it needed to be colored, so with my trusty Corel PaintShop14, I proceeded to color it and bingo, here it is . . . . I love cats and a I love cat gags . . . My newest addition is "buddy-Boy", a kitten which is shared by three households in the neighborhood, all no further than 100 yards . . . Buddy spends an average of 3-4 days and nights in my garage where he always has fresh water and a bowl of Meow-Mix waiting for him after he gives me a friendly "Hi" - - -   I love Buddy-Boy.

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